Sewing Supplies in Wausau, WI

Looking to get started sewing on your next project? Stop on into Ariel Vac & Sew for all of your necessary sewing supplies in Wausau, WI. We stock a wide variety of supplies, giving you access to everything you might require to start crafting. Our inventory is filled with the brand names you’re looking for and we maintain an inventory that caters to all types of sewing enthusiasts.


We’re your destination for fabric of all types. With hundreds of colors available and threads of all types, count on us to supply you with the right material for your upcoming creative project. No matter if you’re looking for a certain, specific color or are looking for a particular fabric blend, you’ll find it here.

Our team is happy to help you locate exactly what you need from our inventory. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make sure you get it. We can even help you find items that may not currently be in stock and order them for you!

General Supplies

sewing supplies

In addition to our plentiful selection of fabric, we also stock general sewing supplies for every level of sewing enthusiast. Come to us for seam rippers and scissors, pins and measuring tools, markers, tape and much, much more. Our goal is to give you everything you might possibly need to create beautiful works of art you can be proud of.

Your Sewing Supplier

Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just getting started, count on Ariel Vac & Sew to make sure you have all of the essential supplies you need and access to a wide variety of products. From fabric to general supplies, our store has what you’re looking for. Stop in today and speak with one of our friendly professionals to find what you need, or just stop by and browse!

Looking for something in particular? Questions about our inventory? Give us a call at 715-842-1696 for more information.